While directing our educational efforts towards the total development of our student-teachers and making them persons of virtue and caliber who in turn will transmit the same to the students entrusted to their care, we shall enable them to grow in the following area:

Faith Formation
- to believe in God, the Supreme Being as the Life Giver, Friend and Sustenance and turn to Him in a spirit of total dependence;
- to walk/live in a spirit of love, self sacrifice and service to others;
- to face the challenges of life with a living faith in God;
- to be normally upright, making choices and decisions in the light of the Gospel values

Social Concern
- to create a spirit of fellowship constantly communicating the message that God is one and we are all one in Him
- to imbibe a spirit of compassion, mission and social responsibility toward the underprivileged and weaker sections of the society
- to develop a spirit of patriotism and responsible leadership for the service of our country

Emotional Development College Building
- to develop a positive self image and external poise and confidence;
- to radiate joy, love, peace and contentment through interpersonal relationships;
- to maintain a balance and a positive outlook through the successes and failures of life;
- to strive towards excellence with zest and emotional balance

Intellectual Formation
- to seek the only truth the wisdom of the creator through all academic knowledge and to integrate it with life;
- to be creative in outlook and innovative in approach;
- to be critical thinkers in handling issues of society through the media and daily living;
- to work with a sense of responsibility and pursue noble goals with self-sacrifice and perseverance